Thrifty Thursday: “Cinta”; Montepulciano; Collegiata Collimoro; 2015.

Good evening, all! Hope your week is wrapping up nicely. Got a fun bottle this evening.

I’m such a sucker for metallic gold accents on labels.

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo for $10! Gee willikers! It’s pretty good, too. Some background?

Montepulciano, the grape, is a classic, classic Italian wine grape. From the most humble vino de tavola to some of Italy’s most renowned wines, montepulciano is a flexible, charasmatic grape. Here’s what the Great Grape Grimoire has to say about it:

Productive, deeply colored, firmly structured and widely planted.
Montepulciano’s most well-known and often best-value manifestation is as the main or sole variety in Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC.
The best wines are deeply colored, with ripe, robust tannins, making them an ideal blending component with softer wines.

Ours is certainly no exception–but a little bit about Montepulciano, the region, first:

… usually an appealingly rustic wine, solidly built, with a soft texture, and good, thick fruit flavors in the middle.

Actually, that’s all the relevant info I can pull from The Wine Bible this time around. It’s the middle of Italy, so quite warm–lots of sun for the grapes to grow, and soil that is not particularly poor, which contributes to robust growth and happy vines. It helps that Abruzzo (the name of the larger region) is an approchable wilderness–the rustic-ness often attributed to montepulciano is partially due to that. Not to mention it is draw-droppingly gorgeous:

Image courtesy of Wikipedia user Poecus–this is a view of the Abruzzian town Chieti.

The wine itself, as the GGG and Wine Bible mentioned, is charmingly rustic. Some pertinent info:

Full name: Collegiata Collimoro, Cinta, Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, 2015.
Grape(s): Montepulciano (100%).
ABV: 13%.
Price (to the nearest $5): $10.


Tasting Notes

– Vibrant maroon with just a hint of purple.
– Spices, plums, dark fruit. A touch of earthiness.

– Pretty subtle. A bit tart.

– Strong, supple tannins. Dark berries becoming more pronounced. Blueberry/raspberry notes!

– Nicely acidic with balanced (but very present) tannins. Relatively long finish, with echoes of the fruit.

– Lovely, charming. Impressively drinkable for the price. Very much can’t complain!


The great thing about Montepulciano d’Abruzzos and montepulcianos in general is that they are generally a solid bet in terms of quality at a decidedly inexpensive price point. That’s not to say that you’d be wasting money if you bought one at $20, more that in the inexpensive versions tend towards ‘better than average’, in my experience. Always a safe starting point in the store.

I’m very happy with this bottle, and the label of said bottle–now all that’s left to do is enjoy the wine!



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