Thrifty Thursday: Feudo di Santa, Frappato, Terre Siciliane, 2016.

I bet a wine frapp tastes TERRIBLE.

Hey folks! Sorry about the relatively quiet stretch, January is generally quiet across the shops.

It wouldn’t be much of a recurring series if I missed out on one the week immediately after its inception, would it? So I figured I’d get this down between the bread-baking and other cooking!


So, real quick overview of Frappato: it’s a very Sicilian grape, kind of Italy’s answer to gamay. It lacks gamay’s inherent grapey-ness, and shows much more of that characteristic raciness, which is a nice contrast to the often full-feeling gamay. Its fruit profile (which, at least in this bottle, reminds me very much of a brighter pinot noir). Wine Grapes describes it as “Fruity, fresh, and floral …” and it seems to be on the nose.

The region, Silicia, perhaps better known in the States as Sicily, is an island at the southern end of Italy. This wine in particular is from the “Terre Siciliane IGP”, which, as it turns out, is the entire island. IGP, or Indicazione Geografica Protetta, is the lowest level of the Italian AOCs, the two above being Denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) and Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG), respectively. While the wine regions and the classifications of Italy are almost as complicated as Bordeaux’, suffice to say that this wine does not come from any region of particularly great distinction. But that’s okay!

Pertinent info:

Full name: Feudo di Santa, Frappato, Terre Siciliane IGP, 2016.
Grape(s): Frappato (100%).
ABV: 12.5%.
Price (to the nearest $5): $10.


Tasting Notes
Note to the notes: these are being done off-the-cuff. Might be a bit different than most my tasting notes.

– Strawberries! Plus a touch of the herbaceous notes.
– Darker garnet, with just a hint of brick.

– Just a touch of piquancy.

– Smooth, and lovely. Getting hints of a spice–perhaps a touch of pepper?

– Long-lasting and deeply fruity. strawberries and just a touch of cherries. The spice comes back, and just hums at the back of your throat. Really lovely.


Honestly, I can’t complain. For $10, this is a lovely, and surprisingly interesting bottle. Inexpensive wines, especially from hotter climes, tend to ‘flabby and boring’–this isn’t, and it’s lovely. Charming and easily sippable.


So, I have been meaning to write more, but the problem with taking your notes in a physical book is that if you leave it in one of your shops, and your next shift at that particular shop is in three days, the writing schedule goes out the window. Sorry about that–we’ll return to our regularly scheduled wining soon!



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