Serendipitous Wine Find!

I once wondered why folks from the West Indies are always about purchasing rum from their island.

Right! So, I’m not going to hassle you all with a review of yet another French sau blanc, but! I wanted to mention this one in particular because I find this bottle totally neat (besides it being good wine–that’s my first glass up there).

The reason that the wine caught my eye (besides being a French sau blanc, I know, I have a type) is the ‘Chenonceaux’ on the label. My brain threw up a little flag there, and said, ‘hey, you recognize that!’

After some searching, I realized that I had actually been to Chenonceaux, the tiny little village in the Loire Valley in 2013. The reason, alas, was not for wine, but to see the spectacular Château de Chenonceau. The reason that got me excited was to compare one of the photos on the Wikipedia page:

The castle actually spans the Cher River. It’s really stunning.

And my own photo from the day I visited:

A few more flowers–but wow, how totally cool is that‽

Honestly, this wine really kind of clarified for me why place is so important. I immediately felt a connection to this wine because I had (presumably) been near its vineyards, once. Can you imagine how important having the rum from the right island–the island you grew up on–is?

Hell, just this afternoon, I was looking for a certain gin from Vermont (I’m from Vermont)–I apologize if this seems like a really basic understanding, but, man, place is super important. Having alcohol stuff that’s from where you stuff is from makes a huge difference.


Now, I couldn’t possibly post a wine and say nothing about it–but very quickly:

La Renaudie really reminds me of the other Touraine I reviewed (with a touch more fruitiness reminscent of the Moulin des Dames), if a bit more well-executed. However, it’s a little different (which is really why I would draw a comparison to Moulin): really good fruit and honestly almost a touch of sweetness. Still though, that fruitiness is balanced out by some perfectly-pitched acid. Mouth feel is really lovely and silky smooth. But it’s got a touch of that grassiness that I’m beginning to think is characteristic of Touraines. And don’t let me get you wrong–still pretty aggressively dry. Remind me to write an article about the difference between dryness and fruitiness.

Regardless, very happy with this bottle.


If I don’t get around to it (lots of work this week), I do wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a spectacular New Year.

Thanks for reading–and may your glasses always be full!