About The Empty Bottle

So, what’s this all about?

This is my wine, spirits, and work blog! It’s a mish-mash of wine reviews, general wine knowledge and how-tos, reports from the industry, and probably a fair number of bad wine-related puns.

So it’s an incredibly rarefied discussion about the 2cm difference in rainfall of two hectares somewhere in central France, then?

Nope! The Empty Bottle is supposed to be, at the very least, highly accessible. I’m not trying to write exclusively for winemakers and sommeliers–though they’re more than welcome–I’m trying to talk about wine, which I love doing, and demystify the whole thing, and maybe have a bit of fun in the process. I’m very firmly of the belief that wine is for everyone.

Awesome, I was worried I was going to have to go take a tasting class–what about you, what’s your story?

I got involved with (i.e., drank copious amounts of) and interested in wine and spirits in college, as I was pursuing my B.A. in Comparative Literature. Succeeding in that endeavor (and in the English degree!), I headed to where all liberal-arts majors go to learn the realities of the world as quickly as possible: New York City! After spending several months spinning my wheels, I was lucky enough to land a job as a sales clerk at a few wine stores. Since then, my wine and spirits knowledge has exponentially increased. People adore talking about what they know and love–and I’m no exception.

Are you a sommelier?

Not at the moment. While somme classes may be in the not-so-distant future, I would best describe myself as an enthusiastic amateur.

Do you do other stuff besides wine and spirits reviews and things?

Sure do! It’s unlikely any of them will show up on The Empty Bottle with any great regularity, but a non-exhaustive list includes: reading (surprise!), baking (bread, mostly), singing (I’m a high baritone, send me videos of your performances of Quilter), video games (a truly appalling amount of time spent in Destiny), sewing (anyone need a tablecloth?), ranting about politics (not going to elaborate on that one), and swimming (freestyle, long distance).

I have questions and/or want to get in touch, how do I do that?

Great! I’d love to talk to you. Best option:


Other options, all at varying degrees of ‘up-and-running’:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheEmptyBottleBlog/

Twitter: @EmptyBottleBlog

Instagram: @theemptybottleblog

reddit: /u/TheEmptyBottleBlog

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